This site was created by John Tomasi and Marc DeSomma to document the complicated, challenging and creative process of building Christmas light shows using LightORamma “LOR”  hardware and software, as well as other commercially available products.

Millions of people put up lights around the holidays, but a small percentage of the world population make them dance to the music.  Sure you can buy on the those “Sounds of Christmas” canned light shows from a big box hardware store, like Marc did in the beginning, but you will soon realize how limited and redundant it really is.  You end up stuck with instrumental music that sounds computerized, has no ability to be modified.  That’s ok for most, but not for us!

Years ago Marc first came across LightORama and wanted to do it, but passed because of the required hardware and time investment it would take based on the existing props and fixtures he had in place on his static set-up and later “Sounds of Christmas” setup.  For most LOR beginner setups 1 controller and the basic software is an acceptable start, but it would not be acceptable in Marcs case.  So for 5 years he used the “Sounds of Christmas” setup, eventually ending up with 2 of them to support his setup.  You can check it out below:

insert video

Fast forward to January of 2012, Marc decided to take the first step and purchase the LOR sequencing software, and began learning how to sequence his first light show.  By March 2012 he had 5 shows sequenced.  He had spoken about it many times before, and now had some examples to show.  We spent that evening talking about LOR and watching videos of shows others have created.  I was hooked and wanted to start sequencing and place an order for my first set of controllers but would wait until 21 days before Christmas 2012 to execute on that desire.

More to come…





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