Christmas is in 55 days…

OK so this is the first official post of our new blog.  As always, life happens and you never have enough time to work on your Christmas display.  With less than a month until set-up should commence, overwhelmed is an understatement.  I am really glad I ordered my lights in July!

So I “John” have some cool new features planned for this year.  I am building arches for the walkway.  If all goes as planned there should be 8 total arches alternating red and white.  I have two cosmic color ribbons that will be placed on either side of the walk way arches. They will be configured as leaping arches spit into two for each 16.4″ ribbon.  Cosmic color ribbons are RGB smart ribbons that consist of 50 pixels or 150 individual LED lights that can be made any color.

I plan on picking up the PVC for the arches sometime this week so I can start assembly.

Stay tuned…


PS: I started sequencing months ago, but am stalled at the moment…not good!

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